Monday, November 26, 2007

whatcha gonna do...?!!!!!!!

YES!!! click here!

word on the street is that american gladiators is back. and hulk hogan is gonna be draggin' his leathery vitamin overdosed corpse back and forth from divorce hearings to keep hulkamania alive and well as host. this show has the potential to become the greatest television phenomenon we have ever seen. if we get any moments like this's a can't miss hit:

now if i could only get macgyver, greatest american hero, and star trek back on...

underwater photos are just plain cool.

art went south to pan for gold.
he only found steel and chrome.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

pretty much awesome blog.

since we learned today that big O is growing into teen sasquatch rather than teenwolf...this should have vlady saying, "OI! I TOLD YOU SO!"...
courtesy of a pretty much awesome blog going by the pretty much awesome name: draft kevin durant

Friday, November 16, 2007

revenge will be sweet.

i have three general rules in life:
1. never eat tacos from jack in the box.
2. never drink cheap tequila.
3. never gamble at an indian casino.

well, friday afternoon i strayed.
after a very, very rainy drive up north and a late night check in to the little creek casino resort, i awoke way too early and attempted to fish a little creek dumping into the salt. the tide was way up, first mistake. and soon i discovered that it must have rained three feet last night...chocolate slop.
somewhat dejected i made myself feel better knowing i could play a little blackjack while lora won a slot machine jackpot later. so yeah, this was gonna be an good trip regardless if mother nature was laughing at me. we headed north still...thinking possibly i might find another place to fish...maybe the hatchery? further north we got, the more water we found. the skokomish river was up to the bridge, and a short drive off 101 we found this:

as some locals told us (locals being my blackjack dealer...more on that worthless hag of human later)...for this to happen is pretty common. but still pretty weird to see for the first time. there must have been 500 or so in that field across the road. cheap lawn fertilizer for everyone, i suppose.
after deciding not to fill the back of the car with enough chum to give to all the people i don't really like at work, we drove on to the hoodsport hatchery. i heard you can fish there if you wear kevlar and bring enough pabst for everyone. again, misinformed. apparently the tide applies to the entire ocean? something about the moon and miss cleo?
oh and this was going on:

it was pretty entertaining listening to the group of older guys behind us on the platform cursing these guys. i think "fuck those fuckers" and "i hope they die" were the main points. one guy yelled at me for photographing them saying, "don't take their picture. they aren't worth a shit."
point taken sir. i hate them, too.
respect your elders.

further discouraged, but not defeated, we headed for lunch at the casino. good lunch. the buffet has pretty decent steamers and dungeness. then determined to leave this experience on a good note, i sat down with tammy. tammy made me her clark griswold and abused me for $200 in about 20 minutes. mind you this was a $3 table so looking back, i deserved it. $3 tables are for old ladies on oxygen and guys with yosemite sam tattoos, but after that morning i wasn't feeling like playing by the rules. you would think after 20 hands or so without getting 21 or even an ace, i'd get up. nope.
i'm fairly certain at some point in my life i must have desecrated an indian burial ground.
but lora won $11 on the slot machine, so she was happy.
and the new cabelas was nice. and big.

until we meet again little creek casino, until we meet again.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

this happened tonight at work...

i was the lunger...and a certain FOS, drug seeking, punk ass teenager was johnny ringo. i'm the boss, not you. and yes, this is my hospital. no, this isn't a hotel. and you're not a guest and i don't do room service. and i wasn't born yesterday. and yes, it's been raining for a couple days. no, i haven't been out fishing lately. so, shut your pill hole and go to sleep so i can research my shitty fantasy football teams.
kids these days aren't worth a damn.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

the bears can smell...idiots.

who is more awesome? the 'project grizzly' guy OR the dead 'grizzly man'? if you haven't seen either movie, do yourself a favor and rent both. there are so many head-shaking moments of disbelief regarding the awesome stupidity of both will thank your lucky stars that you weren't sexually molested by a gay uncle or something and missed out on developing proper social skills.

i'm talkin' rainforest sweaty...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007

76 points?!

nebraska cornhusker fans finally had something to cheer about saturday afternoon. during the post-game handshake, bill callahan was overheard saying to university of kansas head coach mark mangino, "coach, thanks for running us into the ground. your fat ass just hammered the final nail in my coffin. i hope you die."
mangino replied, "yeah, we'll you guys have beat kansas like 40 times in a row." then he promptly ate callahan.