Tuesday, June 24, 2008

super hero movies...

i recently saw the new hulk film. it wasn't horrible, in fact, i like where they are going with this whole avengers, ginormous marvel super hero mega summer blockbuster in a few years when the have everyone in the same movie? that being said, i just sealed the deal that it will be the biggest piece of crap since lost boys 2.
anyway, compared to the first i'd take jennifer connelly over liv tyler. but ed norton brought enough to make me happy. plus his dog in the beginning looks just like mabry, so that was nice.
it's no ironman, but it was better than this:

Monday, June 23, 2008


dear alaska,

please come soon. feeding infants their mother's pumped breast milk every three hours because they aren't here overnight, so they can get some sleep, is getting really old. yes, it's too bad they have six inch incisions in their sternum because they were born with more heart chambers than a vulcan cow has stomachs, but really...the crying, the monitors alarming, the spit-up, the horrible IV access...it's gotta stop.
tonight i have a little patient that actually has two feet growing out of one ankle. now, while seeing a baby with fifteen toes is different and exotic, having to listen to her 35 year old grandmother call her "her special little mermaid" wasn't even cute once or the next ten times and is now just plain gross.
we're down to almost one month before i get to suckle from breast of the only mother that matters right now to me, mother nature.
i daydream all night of those moments when i can look for as far as the eye can see and only see trees, mountains, and salmon carcasses. i look forward to not having to eat hospital cafeteria food at 3am, although the chicken curry and rice here is quite tasty. and changing my diet to fresh coho and pasta, tang, beef jerky, the occasional freeze-dried entree. there won't be any showering. or shaving. and the beer will always be same temperature as whichever stream i'm camping next to.
may my waders not leak. may my arms get sore. may the float planes land safely. and may all the hospital supplies i've stolen provide whatever first aid kit materials i should need.

bobby savoy

Sunday, June 22, 2008

frost it and toss it...

how lions keep cool in the summer...

OR also known as "another way to dispose of the body"...bloodsicles!

from yahoo news

Naba, a four-year-old female African lion, keeps cool as she licks a 'bloodsicle' made of frozen cow blood, Monday, June 9, 2008, at the National Zoo in Washington, as temperatures rose toward the triple digits along the East Coast.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

movie clip of the week...

i couldn't find the clip where dawson says, "i don't want your life..", which is probably the better scene from this movie? or maybe the 'hot for teacher' strip club scene? or maybe any scene with porkchop or tiny or billy bob or whatever his name was?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


http://view.break.com/519904 - Watch more free videos

congrats TCR!

the second and last trip back to STL last weekend was hot with a big flooding river.
we had great tickets to a couple cardinals games (thanks matt).
finally get to the new stadium, check.
ted drewes frozen custard, check.
white castle, check. unfortunately.
lose money at the new casino, lumiere, check.
thank you american airlines for making us miss the rehearsal dinner on thursday. we really enjoyed that 16 hour trip from portland to saint louis with extra stops in dallas and milwaukee. not only has flying become just as painful watching 218 promos for "the bill engvall show" and "house of payne" during every NBA playoff game on TBS. but the epic lack of customer service experienced on this trip has me locked inside my house. i'm only coming out to go to work (maybe) and to get movies at blockbuster.
alaska, please hurry.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

movie clip of the week...

remember d day. omaha...famous for more than a decent counting crows song and the college world series.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


i'm a big fan of dried meat. but the choices in la pine, oregon aren't what you'd call world-class. "uncle buck's bass pro shops meat sticks" taste more like peppered deer shit than pepperoni. fishing was stellar. the rain was not. the cougars prowling the bar in the lodge at sunriver were most entertaining.