Monday, December 28, 2009

top ten movies of 2009...

according to imdb and rotten tomatoes, i've seen 32 of the 100 top grossing movies of 2009.
yeah, so roughly, using my calculator watch, i've pumped somewhere in the neighborhood of $700-$800 into regal cinema's stock. yikes.
it's a conservative number considering all the rasinets i eat.
here's a list of my top ten for the year. these aren't in any certain order, unless they are.

star trek. i was worried jj abrams was going to blow this one by hanging leonard nimoy's 107 year old corpse out to dry. i believe it's called jumping the shark, not sure. however, he pulled it off. the story itself with eric bana's character was a little weak, but the dialouge and acting done by the new crew was great. great casting. i love that the director didn't live inside the box . it's great that, after throwing the new crew into bascially an alternate universe...anything is possible. live long and prosper, nerds.

avatar. i didn't let the hype get to me. i wasn't invested. i didn't let myself read any of the early reviews, which resulted in being pleasantly happy with the outcome. firstly, the 3D wasn't captian eo over-the-top. it was subtle, contained in the screen mostly, and provided a very cool depth.
the story has been bashed around a bit, but i didn't feel it brought the movie down. in fact i appreciate a movie that can, while you're watching it, entertain you so much your mind doesn't wander thinking of its real world influences. that being said, the native american, raping mother earth, human greed plot was overflowing. did anyone else notice the scar on the bad guy's face was basically in the shape of a W, as in that dubya?
so, political crap aside, it was a great movie. not one i will run out right away and see again, but it will definetly look cool on blu-ray.

hangover. mike tyson. check. zach galifianakis. check. winner.

inglorious basterds. loved it. the best and only example i need to describe why this movie was truly great...the basement bar scene. wow, a true movie nerd could write a master's thesis on this scene alone.
considering that scene, my man-crush on brad pitt, and this guy:

it would be nearly impossible for this movie to not be great.

district 9. can't wait for the sequel. i hope there's a sequel. there better be a sequel. great story. great sfx. i told people, and by people, i mean other nerds, to go see this movie for the awesome alien weapons alone.
they were sick.

watchmen. this movie came out in 2009? ok.
i wasn't a huge fan of the comic book. it had its moments, but i struggled through it. i understand it's place in the world of nerdom, but it wasn't the loaf of sliced bread some goons were calling it.
however, the movie held up.
subtract a few minutes of staring at dr. manhattan's giant blue penis and you got a top three movie.

mr fox. brilliant. see previous post.

moon. every once and a while a science fiction movie is able to sneak up on me. this one did. great story. great acting. it did a lot without attempting to have a james cameron v. michael bay cock fight.

the hurt locker. this one might win an oscar.

i couldn't come up with a tenth. nothing else seemed worthy...discuss.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

it's like a big ship and the water's on fire...

tom waits was speaking of new york city. however, i think, to be more specific, he was describing the condition of my liver after a nice little weekend visit to this violent island.
went to visit chewy, the midget sausage king of new york.
check a blazer game at the garden.
but mostly slept off all the pain from the nights before on nigel's couch.
the evenings and early mornings were numb. the late mornings and afternoons were disgusting.
brocephus jimbo's still hasn't cleaned their tap lines, however the remodeled bathroom was lovely.
it was like i'd never left.
it was balls cold, but my scorching o-ring kept me warm.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

kids' movies are great.

an 87 minute grin. go see it.