Monday, October 18, 2010

on the road again...

i used to loathe driving.
however, lately trips out east haven't felt so long.
sure it's still hundreds of miles, but it ain't so bad.
technology surely has something to do with it, but not everything.
a couple hours of a nice, new ipod playlist makes time fly.
a couple PTI and moldy chum podcasts and it's time to stop for some grub.
even an hour or so of sweet silence maybe with the window down just to see how long it takes my face to freeze as i climb the ledge outside of pendleton, and i'm damn near there.
pick a campsite, fire up the coleman, stuff some extra blankets in the sleeping bag, and flip through the latest issue of the drake before dozing off.
hopeful for a couple bumps in the morning.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


my favorite month of the year. the blazers are gettin' warmed up. the huskers haven't let me down yet. the mc rib should be coming back soon. and so far, i've caught more steelhead than NFL parlays won.
we hit the deschutes over the weekend with a few hundred of our closest friends.
for shitsake river etiquette is way down these days. knuckle-head campers in every run. we gave it a few hours, landed a beautiful native, high-fived, and headed back to maupin for some tasty, tasty pizza.
we're gonna give it another try this weekend...maybe a different spot, though.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

mabry (1996-2010)

well, ol' girl, i bet you're enjoying endless amounts of dog toy stuffing, tennis ball fuzz, and squirrels with nowhere to hide.
see you on the flip side, butt-sniffer.

Friday, October 8, 2010


we've been home for a few days now. the normal flora is slowly returning.
we're both feeling pretty good, actually, compared to our first adventure to ixtapa/zihuatanejo. f that dirty, dirty cesspool.
the east cape is a lovely place. there's nothing to do but fish, sleep, eat, swim, sunburn, and fish. sounds pretty perfect,eh?.
i will never be a morning person. but 0600 in baja with huevos rancheros waiting for you poolside as the front loaders launch the pangas on the beach below you is a pretty sweet way to motivate.
we'll be back.


Monday, October 4, 2010


September to do list:
get married. check.
catch a roosterfish. check.

more to come. when my bowels recover.