Sunday, February 27, 2011


well, pops bagged a sheep.
the routine was pretty standard. try to find one early before the wind started blowing 100 miles per hour. it didn't take long...for the wind, i mean.
we saw a few groups at about 800 miles. and they didn't give us any stalking opportunities which is what we were really hoping for. instead a group of four poked their heads up over a cliff at about 200 yards, straight up.
dad missed a bigger ewe. but dropped a smaller ram. 200 yards up a wall to get him felt like 2 miles.

like i said, it was a smaller ram, so there aren't any trophy pics. still, it was a great hunt. and i'd love do it again. one of these days pops and i are gonna get that trophy animal. we joke about how we make the most out of the 10 second window we get to make shit happen. someday. someday. we'll have that chance to call in a huge bull elk or rattle in a big time muley with plenty of time to set up and make a great shot.
it'll happen one of these times.